Thursday, 17 July 2014

PV Blinds

I have designed some solar panels, they are incorporated into window blinds as one way to overcome the problem of obtrusive panels on the Whole Project. The most efficient way to develop the design is to prototype some alternatives, measuring the output and exploring their layout and function. I'm presently working on some of the novel features that I believe will be patentable and will use these features to attract manufacturers and investors to this new product niche. This exciting project needs both skill and cash to make it happen but is very commercial and timely. Grant aid can help the first phase but finding the skills and building a team will be key in the coming months.
The landscape impact of PV arrays is becoming significant and for me when added to the use of good agricultural land bring their sustainability into question. Building integration is the best solution to this problem. If this could be combined with buy in from main stream energy consumers significant progress could be made. Availability of appropriate tech in our local B&Q or Jewsons is crucial and is my focus for a solar blind product.

The story: The Whole project is developing disused water storage reservoirs into experimental houses. It's pioneering new ideas to solve real problems faced during the process of developement. This has so far included the public consultation methods during a planning application, waste water treatment on site and now the need for less visually intrusive PV panel as the building is disguised in the landscape. More information is available on this blog.

To find out about the novel design details I will need you to sign a short NDA confidentiality agreement as I have yet to file the patent applications. We are talking to universities and grant funding consultants and hope to be able to pitch to potential investors including manufacturers and VC's this summer.

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